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Meet Dr. Kasey
Integrative Healing Practitioner 

Uproot Ur Health Practitioner

Who I am and What I do...

A different life path, finding passion and healing others

As a clinical health psychologist and a certified integrative healing practitioner, I have combined two of my life’s passions, helping and healing others. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and have been practicing since 2001 and through my own health journey of healing from mold, depression, parasites,

and chronic fatigue, I have spent years studying the body’s systems, how we heal and don’t heal, the intricacies of medication and supplements and the body’s innate desire to heal when given the proper tools.

I didn’t know I would be on this path several years ago, but in December 2018, my health crumbled due to mold toxicity and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to live anymore, even with 3 beautiful little boys and an amazing husband. I couldn’t breathe-my nose was colonized with mold and it closed off from any air, I had panic attacks, depression and anxiety, massive mood swings that made being around me intolerable. My normal athletic, muscled filled body from years of soccer and intercollegiate play had wasted away before my eyes from 135 pounds to 98 pounds. I had chronic fatigue and I found myself in

bed by 4 or 5 pm every day while my boys and husband lived their lives without me. I was limited to what I could eat, down to 6 or 7 foods because everything made me react, I had parasites, constant stomach pain and bloating, sinus pressure and congestion, ringing in the ears, chronic fatigue, reactions to sound and light, and tinnitus. My entire body had actually turned a shade of gray as I was so malnourished and full of mold. I had been on rounds and rounds of antibiotics before the mold was discovered and then I was told it “was all in my head.” My mother-in-law told me (after I had healed of

course!) that I was the color of a corpse in a morgue!

I have been a fighter all my life, and I decided that I was going to “fight” for my health no matter what. I had so much to live for! I started studying all about mold, found practitioners that I trusted, changed my mindset and lifestyle, and slowly began to heal. It was a journey and I made many mistakes along

and spent tens of thousands of dollars on those mistakes, but when I was finally able to get to the root cause with the right practitioners, I learned so much and my body began to respond in an amazing way. This is my gift I can offer to you. Find your root cause through the proper testing and protocols and give your body the tools it needs to rebuild and rebalance. I have been in your shoes, feeling hopeless and helpless and today I am living my best life and you can get there too.

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