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Image by Shinta Kikuchi

Uproot UR Health!

  • Are you ready to go after the root cause and stop putting band-aids and temporary fixes on your


  • Are you ready to finally understand what is really happening with your body and how to give it

the tools to heal itself?

  • Are you ready to not just survive daily but thriving and looking forward to what life will bring?

  •  Come and work with me!


We use state of the art functional testing to get at the root cause of your issues, no guessing, no relying

on what we “think” will work. We use evidence based, proven protocols that allow your body to heal.


Am I the right practitioner for you? Well, I don’t know, but let’s book a call and find out! I am

interviewing you as much as you are interviewing me! I am committed to the process of finding the

right fit for you because it is imperative that you find someone that resonates with you and that you can

trust as we work through the process of healing together. I am compassionate, loving and supportive,

but also direct and am willing to have those hard conversations with you as we navigate your healing

journey. I will also be your biggest cheerleader as I know you can do this! If I can heal, I know you can

heal, and I will use all my resources to help you actualize this.


The Program:

Phase 1: Foundation (typically 3 to 6 months)

  •  Nutritional support and guidance

  •  Foundational work and protocols from Genetics testing, Organic Acid testing,

bloodwork and Dutch testing

  • Attention to the rebalancing of neurotransmitters, adrenals, thyroid, and sex

hormones and supporting mitochondria

  •  Repairing detox pathways

  •  Reducing toxic burden

  •  Mindset work

Phase 2: Gut and Metals (average 6 months)

  •  Gut testing-Parawellness and GI Map

  • Gut protocol based on testing results

  •  Focus on parasites, protozoa, SIBO, yeast and other gut infections

  •  Heavy metal detox with safe and effective binders

  • Retest and additional protocols if needed


Phase 3: Maintenance (Ongoing up to 1 year)

  •  Continued support

  •  Reducing supplements to maintenance dose

  •  Changing/modifying supplements or dosing as needed

  •  Addressing additional stressors as needed

  •  **Can be done after Phase 1 or 2 or both


**See pricing and packages for details

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